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Should We Sell Our Home With Furniture?

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Apr 17, 2013



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How much does furniture matter when selling a home? Today’s question comes from Birmingham, AL.

Q: Do certain homes sell with furniture?

Would you have to put the furniture in the house or would you include the furniture in the amount of the whole house?

A: Very good question. It really depends on the floor plan and the furniture.

If it’s an unusual floor plan than yes it does help, but in most circumstances furniture properly place and in good condition can help a buyer visualize how to place there own furniture. However too much furniture can make the home look too small.

If you notice most new home subdivision have furnished models because the buyer can then visualized how to place the furniture they own and if the floor plan will work with what they have. Some homes however will show better empty if it’s a standard floor plan. Main thing to consider is stuff, too many nick knacks, personal pictures etc. take the buyer away from looking at the house they don’t remember the house they remember the stuff. So clean out the clutter, make sure you don’t have to much furniture, clean out the closets and garages as well. Pack up, you’re moving put it in storage or a POD and don’t put it on the market until it’s ready to show.

The first two weeks of marketing are the best two weeks. Clean, shine and be ready. Start at the curb look at what the buyer will see, check the front door and the shrubbery first impressions do make a difference. The market is improving quickly don’t miss out by being unprepared for the buyers that may have an interest.

Ginny Willis, REALTOR® Re/Max First Choice

A: Should you make an offer on a property, you can ask the seller to leave specific items.

However, your offer on the property should be based on the value of the home and not the furniture. Should the seller decide that they want to leave the furniture, ideally it would have to be negotiated separately via a purchase contract for personal property. Otherwise, you should make sure that the contract indicates that the furniture is of no real value.

Charita Cadenhead, REALTOR® BHam Wire Realty

A:That depends on the seller. Some sellers will sell their homes with the furniture. This happens in cases where they do not want to move it. Of course, you can always ask for anything in the offer. Or you can offer to pay for the furniture you wish to have. A lot of sellers with vacation homes sell the house with its entire contents when they sell.

Terry Stiles Harrison, REALTOR® Realty Styles LLC

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